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Rock Me Like A Hurricane

Posted by skipfitz On August - 26 - 2011

All right, fine; after hemming and hawing for a year, I did some quick research, blindfolded a puppy, kicked a chicken and finally decided on a fogger by closing my eyes and pointing randomly.  After accidentally jamming my son in the eye, I followed the trail of tears until a solitary drop landed near an advertisement for the Chauvet Hurricane 1300.  The chiller unit, however, I’ll probably make myself. (A cooler, coupla holes, a slotted hose, some ice… what could go wrong?)

A little pricey, sure, but the reviews are generally numerous and enthusiastic, meaning that at least some of the reviewers aren’t employees of Chauvet.

The fog this year shall be thick; it shall lay low to the ground; and it shall possibly swallow a small child.  If so, here’s  hoping having a body on my front lawn doesn’t ruin it for the upcoming Christmas display. (Children can be so thoughtless and selfish like that.)

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