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Posted by skipfitz On August - 10 - 2010

It’s time, my friends.  It’s time that I finally invested in a new fog machine.  My first–and last–was a $20 cheapie found at a local ‘Mart-type store.  As you can imagine, such high quality merchandise produced a wonderful amount of… smog.  Enough smog to choke a Smurf, but not actual fog, and certainly not in an amount large enough to cover a garage floor.

The models I’m thinking about now are the American DJ Fog Storm 1200HD Fog, the Chauvet H1300 Hurricane Fog Machine, or the Eliminator EF-1000 Fog Machine.  Neither of these models has a chiller unit, a tub or otherwise plastic container in the back you can fill with ice to keep the fog cooled down so it won’t float up and become, you know, smog.  But, they seem to be the best to be found at a reasonable price, so I may choose one of them.

If you have any experience with one of the three, or if you know of another fog unit you’d like to recommend, please feel free to suggest away.

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